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Our standard Platforms are made from custom stainless steel rails fabricated at our facility.  To save on weight and cost we use treated wooden decking planks for the base.  However, upon request we offer aluminum, stainless and many other materials.

Standard Platforms

Any Pitch
Standard Base
Any Roof

A platform is required for any rooftop equipment that requires servicing that is located on a pitch of 3:12 or greater and more than 30" off of the ground.

Our platforms are not just for shingled roofs.  They can be attached to standing seam roofs as well.  We coordinate with the installer to assure the feet are located between the seams for easier flashing.

Our most popular platforms come with treated wooden decking.  This not only saves on cost but on weight as well.  Shipping is less expensive and the platforms are very easy to manage on your jobsite

Optional Bases

Upon request and for an addional charge we offer several different materials for our platform bases.  Aluminum, steel, stainless, gripstrut just to name a few

Our platforms arrive ready to install. 




Pitched Roof Service Platforms


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