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We work closely with architects, engineers and general contractors in every phase of construction, from design to inspection.  PRSP has steamlined our process to alleviate what once was a muli-faceted project that involved structural, architectural, fabrication and mechanical professionals.  Now it is just one phone call!


We design, engineer and manufacture service platforms for pitched roofs! 

There are many different types of rooftop equipment that require our platforms.  That is why we custom build our units to suit your roof pitch and your particular need.  We make them for exhaust fans, make-up air and all HVAC units.  Our platforms conform to the International Mechanical Code and the International Building Code.   IMC 306.5.1, 306.5 and 304.11

Check out our most popular and most frequently specified platform

All roofs are not alike and some require very special attention and coordination.


Contact our office for a set of spec drawings that can be inserted directly into your submittals.


Pitched Roof Service Platforms


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